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Trust service

Brief introduction for Trust service and Private placement

Our vision

BID will become the leading financial institution in microfinance sector of Mongolia through top inclusive financial services.

Our mission

BID is to bring prompt financial services to low income individuals, micro and SME businesses in urban communities to support their growth and future development.

We guarantee your TRUST with our:

Total asset| Equity| Extensive Network| Experience | Reputation, TOP1|


We comply with all the covenants of FRC and provide a monthly report. Also, we get our audit done by internationally recognized auditing companies. 


We have disbursed MNT300 billion of loan to 50,000 of clients for the last 15 years. We have helped to create 15,000 jobs along the way.

Your impact

Your Trust will not only give yield to you but it will also get disbursed to finance the needs of people and contribute to implement social responsibilities together with us.

Our rating

BID NBFI has received B+ in our Social rating by “Microfinanza Rating” LLC which is internationally recognized Italian company.


We have implemented “Job creation and Poverty alleviation” project of Ministry of Social Welfare and Labor twice and we also have been implementing “Sustainable livelihood II” project six times, which is financed by Microfinance Development Fund.

Our awards

We got awarded one of the TOP10 NBFI from 2007 to 2014 8 times by Government and MNCCI and became “NBFI of the Year” in 2013, 2014 and 2016 by MNBFIA.

Our partners

Interest rate for Trust Service

Term| MNT| Monthly Yield| Annual Yield

+ 18 months

15-17 months

Term| USD| Monthly Yield| Annual Yield

+ 18 months

15-17 months

We are the unity of right mindfulness

Private placement (bond)

BID NBFI is the first ever NBFI to issue private placement in 2012.

Why you should choose Private placement?

  • Increase your money without inflation
  • Higher interest rate compared to deposit rate
  • You can sell it to others. You can pass it to your children. You can put it as a collateral. In other words, it is a monetary tool.
  • Your bond is guaranteed by our MNT24 billions of equity.
  • In addition to getting high yield without risk, your private placement will support the low-income people and micro businesses with financial assistance.