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As for our NBFI colleagues, we cooperate under the slogan of WE ARE THE UNITY OF RIGHTMINDFULNESS, which our Human Resource Policy includes three fundamental principles of RIGHT PEOPLE, RIGHT MINDSET AND RIGHT ACTION (click here for our “Company Value”). These foundational principles, we have been following, have made us leading institution in microfinance sector in Mongolia for the last 15 years.

It is open to all who are interested in our company to participate in the recruitment process, and we believe that right mindset and positive attitude are more important than skills and knowledge.

BID NBFI received B+ rating on Social Rating, conducted by Microfinanza Rating LLC which is an internationally recognized Italian rating agency. It shows how good is our social responsibility toward our employees as well as our clients and environment. We pay special attention to the employee's incentive policy, health, personal development and productive leisure time. These include:

Incentive policy:

     Each month, additional salary based on "Key performance indicators" (KPI).
     Every quarter, an honorary employee is honored and rewarded with monetary prize.
     Every semiannually all employees are given bonus.
     At the end of every year, the best branch and best employees are honored and rewarded with cash prizes.

     Rewarding system for innovative initiatives are implemented.
     Various competitions are organized and best branch and best employees get rewarded with cash prizes and are given free travel overseas.

    Financial support for employees’ special events
    Free traveling overseas for staffs who are long-term employed

   Gifts for Children’s Day and Christmas are given to employees’ children

   Birthday cakes and greetings for all employees on their birthday


     Each year, all employees are covered by a comprehensive medical examination and are advised by a specialist.
     Every week, free gym for exercise
     Trainings on "Healthy Eating and Healthy Life" organized

Personal development and leisure time:

     Each month new books are provided and "Wisdom of Book" meeting is organized.
     Regular training by professional trainers from reputable training institutions.
     Regular training for Professional Training Institutions and Mongolian NBFI Association.
     We have conference room with capacity of 100 people, creating favorable conditions for our employees’ training and meetings.

  In summer, tours are organized around the beautiful spots of Mongolia.
  In winter, Snowing celebration are held.

In addition, we created "BID Fund" to help the staffs and their families to overcome hardship by providing cash and emotional support.

     Every year, office clothes are provided.
     Monthly allowance for food and transportation.
     Monthly payment for phone.

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